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Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site contains Ebenezer Baptist Church, the grave site of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, the MLK birthplace home, a visitor's center and a museum.  Educator Resources

The African American Panoramic Experience details the lives of African Americans in the U.S., with an emphasis on Atlanta and Sweet Auburn.  Exhibits include Yates and Milton Drug Store, a replica of America's first Black-owned drug store, and the Hall of Achievement that honors local achievements.

CNN News Center Tour takes visitors behind the scenes at the state-of-the art studios where events are reported daily to over one billion people world-wide.  The tour features advanced technology and viewing galleries overlooking live newscasts. Educator Resources

The World of Coca Cola This state-of-the art facility includes a multi-sensory 4-D theater, a gallery dedicated to Coke pop culture, a 7-foot Coca Cola® polar bear, and a tasting room with over 70 different products from throughout the world.  Educator Resources

Centennial Olympic Park was built to celebrate the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta.  Located in downtown Atlanta, it is a gathering place for residents and features live music and summer concerts.  A walking tour of the park takes visitors past many commemorative features from the Olympics and past the Fountain of Rings.

Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest aquarium housing over 100,000 animals of 500 different species.  The aquarium's notable specimens include four young whale sharks, two beluga whales, and two manta rays.  Educator Resources

Zoo Atlanta is one of the oldest operating zoos in the United States.  It houses over 1300 animals, representing more than 220 species.  It is also home to the world's largest collection of gorillas and orangutans and is one of only four zoos in the country with Giant Pandas.  Educator Resources

Underground Atlanta is over six blocks of dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Atlantic Station is located in an upscale community with unsurpassed architectural quality.  It features a unique mix of world-class restaurants, theaters and retailers.

Six Flags Over Georgia is a theme park just west of Atlanta featuring an excellent collection of roller coasters.

The Birmingham Civil Rights District is a six-block area of downtown Birmingham, Alabama where several significant events in the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s took place.

16th Baptist Church | Student Adventures American Civil Rights Tour

Landmarks in the district include:

    * 16th Street Baptist Church, where four young African American girls were killed and 22 churchgoers were injured in a bombing on September 15, 1963.

    * Kelly Ingram Park, where many protests by blacks were held, often resulting in recrimination by Birmingham police that included famous scenes of policemen turning back protesters with fire hoses and police dogs.  News coverage of the riots in this park helped turn the tide of public opinion in the United States against segregationist policies.  Several sculptures in the park depict scenes from those riots.

    * The Fourth Avenue Business District where much of the city's black businesses and entertainment venues were located.  The area was the hub of the black community for many years.  The business district includes A. G. Gaston's Booker T. Washington Insurance Co. and the Gaston Hotel, a meeting place for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Alabama Christian Movement during the early 1960s.

    * Carver Theatre, once a popular motion picture theater for blacks in Birmingham, now renovated as a live-performance theater and home of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.

    * Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, a museum which chronicles the struggles of the civil rights movement, opened in 1993.


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In Selma, Alabama, on Sunday, March 7, 1965, 600 peaceful marchers walked from Selma toward Montgomery.  These African Americans, who were marching for voting rights, were attacked on the Edmund Pettus Bridge by mounted deputies and state troopers with tear gas and beaten by clubs in what has become known as “Bloody Sunday.”


Selma Voting Rights | Student Adventures Road to Equality Tour




Students on the "Road to Equality American Civil Rights Tour" will stop at the Lowndes County Interpretive Center to learn about the events leading up to Bloody Sunday.  The tour will also include a visit to the National Voting Rights Museum and a walk across the Edmond Pettus Bridge.




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The city of Montgomery, Alabama has a rich heritage when it comes to the American Civil Rights Movement in the United States.  The famous 54-mile right to vote march from Selma to the state capital in 1965 made Montgomery “The Birthplace of Civil Rights.” 




Rosa Parks | American Civil Rights Tour


The centerpiece of Montgomery’s civil rights landmarks is the Rosa Parks Library and Museum located on Montgomery Street.  The bottom floor of the Museum contains permanent exhibits that chronicle the first twenty years of the civil rights struggle, beginning with the arrest of Rosa Parks.

Civil Rights Memorial, located in downtown Montgomery, is an outdoor venue.  The memorial allows for quiet reflection of the struggles of people that were an integral part of the movement during the American Civil Rights era.  Students will be able to read short descriptions of key events and brief biographies of persons who sacrificed a great deal in the name of racial equality.

The Dexter Baptist Church was the site of the first major gathering that led to the Bus Boycott of 1955-56.  This church was also the first pulpit occupied full-time by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It was in the sanctuary of this church that plans for a boycott of Montgomery’s bus system was first announced to the general public in response to the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat on a city bus in 1955.  The church features murals that depict the events of those days and Dr. King’s ministry while in Montgomery.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, formed in 1969, continues to fight for the rights of persons that have little or no resources to protect their legal rights.  Within the walls of the building are histories of the Center’s creation during the American civil rights era, as well as some of the landmark cases it has won over the years.  The SPLC provides the grounds for the Civil Rights Memorial and also supports the further development of civil rights landmarks throughout the downtown and midtown sections of Montgomery.

Alabama State University was one of the first institutions of higher learning created for African Americans in the Reconstruction period after Civil War.  The University maintains an excellent collection of civil rights records, pictures, books, newswires, and television footage.  Here students can see live footage of such important events as the Freedom March bus tours of the early 1960s as they stopped in Montgomery, as well as the historic March from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

Another civil rights landmark under development is the Martin Luther King home, where Dr. King and his family lived during their time in Montgomery from 1954 to 1959.  As the city continues to seek ways to honor the rich contributions made in the name of equality, more of these hallowed places will take their rightful places as civil rights landmarks that are open to teach a new generation valuable lessons.




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Students will visit the Carver Museum while visiting Tuskegee.  This city is where Dr. George Washington Carver’s agricultural experiments made Tuskegee Institute the best known black college in America.

Tuskegee Airmen | American Civil Rights Tours

Your group will also have the opportunity to visit the Tuskegee Airman National Historic Site and the Human & Civil Rights Multi-Cultural Center.


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