Teacher to Teacher Referrals

Teacher to Teacher Referral Rewards

Teachers that travel with their students receive the greatest rewards a teacher can have;  to see their students get excited about learning.  

Teachers that haven't taken an educational tour with their students are missing out on what their colleagues are experiencing. (The highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, "Self Actualization")

We hope that every teacher who believes in the educational value of travel will spread the gospel to other educators.  We ask that you will consider recommending Student Adventures if you've come to appreciate our people and services.

As a way of thanking people for referrals, we've created the Teacher to Teacher referral rewards program.

For every person that you refer to us that travels, we will provide you with a choice of three rewards based on your school's policies and interests:

1:  Cash is King Rewards:
  Student Adventures will provide you with $250 cash to use on your trip for your students or for classroom supplies.

2:  Green Planet Rewards:   Student Adventures will donate $300 in your name or the name of your school to an environmental charitable organization of your choice.

3:  Educational Travel Scholarship: Student Adventures will provide a $350 travel scholarship for a student on any future Student Adventures tour.

Here's the fine print:  To be eligible for any of these rewards, your referral must be a teacher who we have had no previous contact with.  Rewards are paid after the referred school pays in full and travels.  These rewards are only valid for referrals who book overnight travel.  Other restrictions may apply.  This offer may be revised or ended at any time at the sole discretion of Student Adventures, Inc.  There is no limit to the number of referrals a person may receive.  Student Adventures is grateful for each teacher you recommend and thanks you.

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