4:  Promoting your fundraisers

Once you have established your goals, selected a fundraiser and launched your program its time to promote your fundraiser. You will have the greatest chance of success if you increase awareness within your school and throughout your community.  By using as many parent volunteers as possible, you can ensure that you’ve done everything possible to get the word out.  

The following are a few ideas to help you promote your student travel fundraiser:

* Create and post flyers and posters throughout your school and in the community.

* Contact local newspapers, radio and television stations .  Provide a press release or a public service announcement and ask them to help.

* Add fundraising information to school newsletters or email communications to parents.

* Create flyers for students to take home to parents.

* Present your fundraiser in person from class to class or at a general assembly.
* Set up a table at school events to distribute information.

* Create a web page that outlines your fundraiser.

* Use social media such as Facebook or twitter to spread the word.


1:  Setting Realistic Goals

2:  Choosing fundraisers that work for you

3:  Getting Participation

4:  Promoting your fundraisers

5:  Managing the program

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