5:  Managing the program

The nature of your fundraising selection will determine what is needed to effectively manage your fundraiser.  What is important is that if you are managing inventory of any kind, that you keep accurate and detailed records of of inventory and financial transactions.  Lost inventory or money can be devastating to your fundraising efforts.

Providing frequent status updates and sharing early successes with participants can keep your fundraiser energized throughout its’s duration.  Visuals, such as posters or graphics on a website can be used to track progress and help keep people focused on the group’s goals.

Please make sure that you cover safety issues with all students prior to conducting fundraisers such as unsupervised door-to-door selling.

Keeping a fundraiser safe, well organized, and making it fun for students are the keys to success.  Please let us know if we can help in any way.


1:  Setting Realistic Goals

2:  Choosing fundraisers that work for you

3:  Getting Participation

4:  Promoting your fundraisers

5:  Managing the program

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