2:  Choosing fundraisers that work for you. 

There are hundreds of fundraising companies and thousands of ideas that you can use to raise money.  The Internet is a great source to learn what other schools have done successfully.  The important think is to choose programs that match the your financial objectives and that will interest your group.  A fundraiser that students find as being fun, will certainly foster terrific participation.

Discussing options with your students ensures that they are engaged in the process from the very beginning.

Some important things you should consider before finalizing your decision.

*  What are your financial objectives? How much money your group needs to raise before selecting a fundraiser.

*  When is the best time for your group to schedule their fundraiser?  You may not want to compete during weeks when other groups are fundraising.

*  How long will the fundraisers last?  2 weeks is an average for most fundraisers. Shorter times may be ineffective and long times may result in the loss of enthusiasm.

*  What is the level of parental involvement required?  Parents and booster clubs can be  valuable resources to any fundraising effort. Many parents will be happy to help when asked.

*  Do you want your fundraiser to be for individuals or group based?  This will influence the type of fundraiser you select.

*  Do you want to create your own fundraiser or use a third party?  Third parties offer turn-key fundraising solutions but your own fundraisers may offer greater returns.  Often there is a tradeoff between time and money.


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1:  Setting Realistic Goals

2:  Choosing fundraisers that work for you

3:  Getting Participation

4:  Promoting your fundraisers

5:  Managing the program


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