Fundraising for Student Travel

Fundraising for Student Travel

A travel experience for students is a powerful learning experience, but depending on your on-tour activities, expenses can add up. Not all families can afford the full price of travel and this is why implementing an effective student travel fundraiser is critical for most schools.

At Student Adventures, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.  For this reason, we want to help your school plan, promote and manage effective fundraisers that will help make travel affordable for everyone.

Fundraising can be fun and a rewarding experience when student participation is high and there are  motivated leaders working with the youth.  The following are the “Five Easy Pieces” that will help your fundraising efforts bring in the money.

1:  Setting realistic goals

2:  Choosing fundraisers that work for you

3:  Getting Participation

4:  Promoting your fundraisers

5:  Managing the program

Proper planning, strong participation, and well managed implementation are the key ingredients to getting the most out of your student tour fundraising programs.  Let us help you create a successful fundraising campaign.


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